• Collaboration tools for DAOs

    DAOs control your agreements and compensation, use Nestr to manage the rest.

  • How Nestr serves DAOs

    DAOs are hot and rightly so. However, most struggle to effectively get work done. Coordinating work while decentralised is hard and does not happen naturally. Processes, agreements and coordination is needed.


    Nestr exists to adopt tried and tested self-organisation practices in your DAO. Here are a few ways we do this. If you are ready to get started, connect Nestr to your DAO in a few simple steps. 



    Select your DAO of choice


    Integrate with your existing DAO tools

    Nestr works with your existing DAO tool. All on-chain tokenomics and voting is done by our partner applications so that Nestr can be used to run your day-to-day operations. We currently integrate with DAOhaus, Aragon, DAOStack and Hypha DAO.

    An board with all DAO proposals grouped by status

    Enrich your proposals

    Nestr will load all your proposals

    Point Nestr to your DAO and we'll load all your proposals into Nestr where you can enrich and annotate them. Convert them into circles, roles, projects or boards. In Nestr your on-chain proposals will come to live and allow you to coordinate your work effectivly.

    DAO proposals enriched and annotated with relevant collaboration information

    Self-organise like a pro

    Nestr will load all your proposals

    Once setup, use any of the many available self-organisation apps to streamline your decentralised collaboration so that your DAO can effectively get stuff done.

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