• Collaboration tools for Hypha DAO

    Enrich your Hypha DAO with decentralised collaboration & self-organisation.

  • How Hypha DAO and Nestr integrate

    Doing work while decentralised is hard and requires processes and tools.


    Hypha DAO is one of the leading providers of DAO tools to manage your resources, tokens, members and proposals. By integrating with Nestr you can adopt tried and tested self-organisation practices in your DAO.


    Combined, Hypha and Nestr offer a complete set of tools to manage shared resources and run a decentralised organisation effectively. Our DAO integration explainer shows you how to get started.


    At Nestr we believe DAOs have an important role to play in how we will organise work moving forward and they are only a part of the solution. As we laid out in one of our blog posts - DAOs don't work - they can be a great tool to help anchor decentralised practices in your organisation. Yet they offer little in the way of the actual practice of decentralisation and self-organisation. Meaning most DAOs fall in the trap of consensus paralysis (everyone trying to agree on everything) or informal hierarchies (those with the loudest voices running the show). Nestr can help you mitigate this. We offer a set of tried and tested practices and tools you can implement in your DAO so that you can get effective work done in pursuit of purpose. Sign-up today and try it out for free.




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