About us

Our purpose is: "A platform for 'Purpose Driven' organisations where everybody can start, find, contribute to, evolve and invest in Purposes that align with their personal values."

We are deeply committed to building a world where people are contributing to an impact they care for at all times. So especially when you are at work, we believe you should not only enjoy what you do, the impact you create should be an expression of what you stand for.

With that in mind, these are the wonderful people making this a reality. And if you are excited about this like we are, drop us a line and let's see how you can contribute as well.

It's nice to meet you.

Joost Schouten

Co-founder - Serial entrepreneur/consultant in B2B SaaS and self organisation consultant

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Oli Oskarsson

Co-founder / Full stack dev - Code wizard with 19+ years experience across the board

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Anna-Marie Swan

DAOs - Organisational governance, design, facilitation & strategy

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Julio L R Monteiro

Crypto wizard - Blockchain Architect. Allround decentralisation wizard

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Siggi Óskarsson

Co-founder / Full stack developer - Founded and ran 25+ people tech-startup. Successfully exited.

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Thomas Thomison

Advisor - Serial entrepreneur, adviser, investor, co-founder of Holacracy

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Christiane Seuhs-Schoeller

Advisor - Entrepreneur, author, Pioneer, Speaker, Self-Organization Geek

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Sylvain Montreuil

Customer experience - Decades of start-up, product & UX/UI experience

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Robert Annaars

Finance, Legal and Organisation advisor

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Stijn Nijhuis

Advisor - CEO Enreach & EY Entrepreneur of the year 2021

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