• Collaboration tool for Holacracy

    Everything you need for your Holacracy powered organisation.

  • How Nestr supports Holacracy

    Holacracy has gained a lot of traction in the the self-organisation movement over the past decade and a half. Yet tooling for Holacracy has mostly been focussed on governance without support for your doing the actual work. At Nestr we have integrated Holocratic governance with collaboration tools supporting you and your colleagues to bring your roles alive when you need them most - while working!



    Select your DAO of choice


    Capture your circles and roles

    Nestr has full support for capturing your governance records, processing Integrated Decision Making (IDM). Supporting circles, roles, double linking, elections, policies and domains, Nestr will transparently and instantly evolve your structure as soon as proposals are accepted.

    An board with all DAO proposals grouped by status


    Great impact is seldom achieved alone

    Nestr lets you capture your projects and todo's directly tied to your roles. Use our boards and todo lists to collaborate and deliver on your strategy, priorities and purpose.

    DAO proposals enriched and annotated with relevant collaboration information

    Meeting support

    Tactical & governance meetings a breeze.

    Start a tactical or governance meeting in Nestr for all your circle members to join. Nestr will guide you through them. It will ease the process for both the Facilitator and Secretary as well as the circle members. The output will immediately be added to your governance or project boards once the meeting is done.