• The future of work is here!

    Let Nestr help you organise your life and work around a clear purpose!

  • What we offer

    Our goal is to support purpose driven organisations and allow people to do work that reflects their personal values. This is how we do it:

    Work 'on Purpose'

    Make sure your work aligns with your personal values

    Wherever you are in Nestr, we'll ask you 'Why' you are doing what you are doing. And once captured, you'll be able to assess, with everything you do, if it is on or off purpose.

    For organisations and people

    Most tools make you choose, we support both.

    Most tools are designed for either organisations or for personal use. We are well aware people have to navigate both. Nestr allows you to focus on a single organisation, or to zoom out and see all your work across all your endeavours.


    Great impact is seldom achieved alone

    Nestr lets you collaborate with your colleagues, friends & family. Simply invite them to the workspaces you would like to share and start collaborating. Request work, have discussions, hold meetings or share files, it's all there!

    Getting Things Done

    Organise your 'stuff' into prioritised lists

    During our day lots of work comes our way. Most of us just do it. Nestr.io has build in support for Getting Things Done to help you clear your head, set priorities and do the most impactful work with full focus.