• Solving the problems of our times requires all of us.

    Finding the right tooling should not. We have you covered.

  • What we offer

    Our goal is to support organisations make a meaningful impact and allow their members to express the values they care about. This is how we do it:

    Roles and circles showing who is accountable for what.

    Shared agreements

    Decentralised governance eats management hierarchy for breakfast

    Move from centralised 'Predict & Control' to distributed 'Sense & Respond' through clear and shared agreements. Nestr allows you to capture and upgrade your organisational structure, circles, roles, accountabilities, policies and domains to meet the challanges of the day without having to resort to heroic centralised interventions.

    A collaborative project board for your team.


    Great impact is seldom achieved alone

    Nestr lets you collaborate with your colleagues, friends & family without the need for management hierarchy or bosses. Simply invite them to the workspaces you would like to share and start collaborating. Request work, have discussions, hold meetings or share files, it's all there!

    The organisational or team purpose is always visible.

    Work 'on Purpose'

    Make sure your work aligns with your personal values

    Wherever you are in Nestr, we'll ask you 'Why' you are doing what you are doing. And once captured, you'll be able to assess, with everything you do, if it is on or off purpose.

    All your workspaces in one overview.

    For organisations and people

    Most tools make you choose, we support both.

    Most tools are designed for either organisations or for personal use. We are well aware people have to navigate both. Nestr allows you to focus on a single organisation, or to zoom out and see all your work across all your endeavours.

    Search and find new purpose driven organisations.

    Decentralised recruitment

    Find and join organisations you care for

    With Nestr organisations can publish roles and projects for which they want to attract new talent. People can find and apply while reviewing if the organisation aligns with their personal values based on what the organisation does, not just what it says.

    An overview of all your work across all your organisations.

    Getting Things Done

    Organise your 'stuff' so you prioritise what is important

    During our day lots of work comes our way. Most of us just do it. Nestr.io has build in support for Getting Things Done to help you clear your head, set priorities and do the most impactful work with full focus. We do this across all your projects and organisations.

  • Edwin Jansen - Raise

    Edwin Jansen

    Head of Corporate Development at Raise


    "We looked at many different Teal org tools and are thrilled to have landed on Nestr!"

    Daan Gorter - Gaianet

    Daan Gorter

    Co-founder at Gaianet


    "Switching to Nestr felt like switching to Ludicrous Speed for us. I am in love!"

    Allan Rocha - Hub Evolutio

    Allan Rocha

    Co-founder at Hub Evolutio


    "I am very pleased with the use of Nestr. It allows for hassle-free self-management!"

  • Pricing

    Nestr charges for each collaborative workspace. This can be a company, DAO, community or other collaboration.


    For personal & family use

    Free forever

    • Up to 5 family members
    • All our personal productivity tools
    • Todo lists
    • Project boards
    • Custom labels
    • Full API access



    Communities & DAOs


    per month/user

    • All 'Personal' features
    • All our governance tools
    • DAO integrations
    • Meeting support & templates
    • Self organisation support
    • Kanban/SCRUM boards
    • Private projects
    • Publish your work and structure so people can find you.


    Great for companies


    per month/user

    • All 'Published' features except your structure and work is private to only your organisation.
  • Prices are charged in EUR for clients located in the Euro zone and VAT is added where applicable.


    * If you run a non-revenue generating / non-funded community and/or have limited resources please reach out to find a suitable price point. We're also very open to receive payment in tokens or in some cases offer use for free. We are all about supporting decentralisation and self-organisation regardless how much you have to spend. Please drop us a line through the 'Contact us' button on the 'plan' tab of your workspace settings.

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